Frequently Asked Questions

1) Click the "New Accounts" link at the top right side of our site in blue.
2) Complete the entire form where you see the red *
3) Make sure to check off the "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions" and submit.

Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Unfortunately we are not. is a online print shop. Our will call location is only for will call purpose only.
If you have design needs, you can set up an appointment for one of our reps to meet you and gather the information you need. Contact us here.

Yes! Please add +1 day turnaround to your order for will call. Your order is delivered to our will call location at: Corner of Emerson St & Loretto St. Philadelphia, PA 19152. We will notify you via email when your prints are ready for pick up. Please consider if you have multiple orders, you should contact customer service for updated information for each additional order expected delivery date. In rare cases, we rarely need an extra day due to unpredicted weather or courier vehicle issues.

Click the "Log In" link at the top right hand side of our site. Under the login box you'll see a link that says "Can't access your account? Click here". That link will send an email to you with your password.

Please log in to your account and select MY ACCOUNT at the top right of the page. Once you have done so, all orders in production will be listed. Select the order you requested and under the details tab. Straight across to the right you will see a section that says Order Timeline. The estimate due date is when your prints will be shipped. If you have will call, they will arrive the follow business day. You will receive a shipment confirmation when your order has shipped and tracking information within 24 hours of shipment.

You only have to pay sales tax if you are located in the states of California, Kentucky, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Click the "My Account" tab at the top right hand side of our site to review your orders. You may compare your order history on our website, with your financial records. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Click the "My Account" tab at the top right hand side of our site to review your orders. Select your order and click on the "Financials". You will be able to download a PDF of your order and the breakdown of charges.

To prevent any transparency issue when printing, never use shadows, glows, or any other transparency (image or otherwise) with out convert your color format to CMYK and flatten before sending.

Credits usually take 7-10 business days from the time we receive your item(s).

Your credit card will be charged the same day you place your order(s).

After click the purchase order button you will go to Step 2: Order Information, on the right column listed as additonal options you will see towards the bottom the form field in blue "coupon code. If you have any issue with your code please contact us before you place the order. We do not issue discounts back onto credit cards. We apply them as store credit for your next order.

All orders being shipped or will called in Pennsylvania, as well as all mailing service jobs, are subject to sales tax. If you are a Reseller or Non-Profit organization and are tax exempt certified, you are eligible to have your account flagged as tax exempt. Email your certificate to ensure your account is tax exempt before completing your next order, the company listed account name must be exact matches the company name that is listed on your tax exempt certificate to qualify. Within four (4) business hours of receiving your exempt certificate your account will be flagged as tax. Please ensure that the only paperwork you provide is your exempt form. Otherwise there may be a delay in setting up your account as tax exempt.

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