With wall decal printing, you can transform boring walls into exciting works of art. Removable wall decals are an easy way to transform any business space into a beautiful and professional environment.

Wall prints can dramatically improve the look and feel of any business, from offices to restaurants. This simple upgrade has a significant impact on your brand without breaking the bank.

Message Adhesive and Long-Lasting
Wall decals give you more options when it comes to decorating your office. These wall graphics, a clever solution for renters, allow store owners to spruce up their establishments without having to choose permanent paint.

Change your message as often as necessary. The wall-friendly adhesive allows you to stick the decal securely and remove it as needed.

Display your business hours or promote your latest offering with wall decals. Use them to remind customers of safety precautions and to maintain social distance. Print wall decals in any size and shape you require.

What is Low Tack Vinyl?

Low Tack Vinyl is a type of temporary wall decal covering that will adhere to your walls but not leave any residue behind.

What is the 215 Prints' Low Tack Adhesive made of?

Our 8mil Wall Decal is made of low tack adhesive vinyl.

Why is a Low Tack Wall Vinyl good for my business?

It can be used for both decorative purposes or for advertising, as it is removable without damaging the surface it was applied to. These are a great option if you want your advertisement to only last for a few days or weeks and will make sure that nobody gets stuck with an unwanted vinyl sticker!

Where can I apply my vinyl decals graphic?

Wall decals are perfectly suited for smooth, non-textured surfaces such as walls, desks, and glass. Your wall graphics is a pressure sensitive adhesive and it will have a paper backdrop and one printed surface. You will be able to design unique cut-out shapes for this product.

Is my tack removable?

The low tack adhesive is less likely to damage walls. It also leaves no residue, which means that you can reposition it over and over again.

How do I apply the Wall Decals to the surface I want and what are the recommended surfaces?

Clean the area with a moist towel and let it completely dry before applying. The number of times you can reapply the Wall Graphic will be lowered if any dirt or dust particles are still present and attach to the low-tack adhesive.

We advise wiping down the non-adhesive side of your Wall Graphic with a soft, moist cloth to clean it. Use of soap or any other abrasive cleaning product could damage the printed surface, so avoid doing so.

For outdoor applications or vehicles, please see our Tailgate Decal or our Window Decals

How do I set up Contour Cut files?

For contour cut orders, two separate files must be uploaded: one regular artwork file, and one cut mask file. The cut mask file must be an all-vector, PDF file uploaded at the same time as the artwork file.

We cannot accept any cut mask files that are made using a raster-based program (e.g. Photoshop).
  • When being cut, the blade will follow the cut mask line you’ve created. It is recommended that you keep your perimeter cut line slightly inside the border of the image you are trying to cut out. This will avoid any obvious edges showing from your background once it is cut.
  • Do not use small/thin cut areas, or have perimeter cut lines that are too close together. At least 0.5" must separate your perimeter cut lines from each other. 215 Prints will not reprint any order with perimeter cut lines that are too close to one another.
  • Your contour cut line should be a smooth fully closed path. No disconnected lines or open paths will be cut. If your cut line is ragged or has any imperfections, they will show up in the final piece

low tack vinyl contour cut

Only one cut per order will be allowed. Please do not add multiple cuts in a single file.

low tack vinyl contour cut right and wrong

215 Prints will not reprint any order attributed to improper file setup or layout.

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