Let’s be honest. No matter how many bells & whistles you add to your product, one thing every label needs is something eye-catching. Pop it on a clear or glossy label and people will take notice when they first spy it on the shelf.
These are sticky labels for products that need to get noticed. Proudly made in the USA with 9 different sizes and shapes to pick from. Clear Bopp Roll Label lets you make the most out of your sticky labels, so your packaging looks as good as what's inside it.
Perfect for labeling your products in the home, business, or arts and crafts.
I confirm that I am uploading vector files that meet these file design requirements: black colors are set to 100% K, fine lines and text that is 9pt or below use 100% K and Barcodes and/or QR codes in my files are vector and set to 100% K when using black as a color. If rasterized art is being supplied, I understand that 215 Prints cannot be held responsible for the poor quality of low-resolution artwork.

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