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As a business owner, you understand that the first impression is almost always the last one. And this can be particularly important when it comes to marketing your fitness studio. You want to make sure that people remember it out of all the other places in the area! Fitness businesses have so many different marketing materials that are designed to help get the word out about their facilities and services, and there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of them all!
Fitness studios can be confusing for potential clients, especially new members; they’re looking for something that caters to their specific needs and wants. A good first impression is crucial in the fitness industry. It's not just about having a logo, it's about creating a brand. What do you want your business or studio to stand for? Your marketing materials should reflect your business but be unique. Marketing materials and signage options provide you with the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in a variety of ways including, brochures that spell out your programs, Silk Postcards that can advertise your studio or a new class, flyers with tips for members and non-member can take home, Large Photo Posters illustrating yoga poses, and best practices at the gym, vinyl banners to attract passersby to enroll, and more.
At 215 Prints you will find fitness-specific marketing materials and everything else you’ll need to create a brand identity for your business, whether you’re looking for vinyl banners, handouts, or window graphics to draw people's attention and interest. We offer window signs to anyone from a small-sized fitness studio or health facility, to medium-sized wellness studios or gyms, to large clubs and facilities. You can choose signs designed for indoor use, and others specially crafted for outside in the full sun (or inclement weather).
Our customers choose our Double Sided Window Decals and our Outdoor Window Decals because they are not only affordable but also attractive and durable. They will stick to your windows or doors for years, no matter the elements. At our store, you can find a variety of window decals, vinyl banners, and window cling white, as well as Plastic A-Frame Signs and custom displays that can be used both indoors and out. Make sure your studio is safe. One way to do that is to keep your dojo, gym, or yoga studio lit up at all hours of the day and night with both inside and exterior signage. Not only will this ensure that customers can always find you easily, but it will also deter potential crooks.
Our fitness industry experts are readily available to answer any of your administrative questions about our business-to-business ordering options. Choose from hundreds of marketing essentials that will give you the customized look you want, help build awareness around your business, fit your budget, and get members to join your gym!
Boredom is your studio's enemy! Give passersby an idea of the fun and cool atmosphere you have at your establishment today and watch your enrollment increase!

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