Cost-effectiveness of a Laminated Bookmark 

Small to the eyes but cost-effective and a game changer to any marketing strategy.
From advertisements to words of wisdom, these custom laminated bookmarks make the ideal way to deliver words of inspiration and motivation to your readers. 

Bookmark cards with a professional and sophisticated look

They come in a matte finish that makes them look professional, and sophisticated when placed into a binder or display.
You don't have to pick between a durable bookmark that will last through bookshelves and a bookmark with a gorgeous print. These silk bookmarks are the ideal option.
They're made of 16 pt. paper and are tear and water-resistant. Each one is personalized with your choice of design, making it the ideal present for any book enthusiast.

From Bookmark Giveaways to Funeral Bookmarks or Personalized Christian Bookmarks

Customize these bookmarks with your image, logo, or message for an added unique touch. From selling products to conducting a charity campaign, from memorial handouts to obituary bookmarks, make sure that you stand out from the crowd and get your message across effectively.
You can even create collectible, eye-catchy bookmarks covers to interest your public, that has valuable business information in the back.
Also Ideal for Publishers, Schools, Libraries, Businesses, Churches, Memorial Services and Funeral Homes.
Don't waste time, and create a bookmark timeless as a good book story!
Our fully customizable bookmarks are printed on strong and durable 16pt paper stock. The silky back feels incredible in the fingertips, while the glossy front facilitates bright and vibrant graphics pop out. The thickness and lamination bring sophistication to their image, while further making them tear and water-resistant.
Yes. Please send in a quote request with the desired size and we will promptly follow up with the availability status.
Yes. Custom Laminated are a popular custom treat for special events, and you may upload whatever designs you choose. They are perfect for both commercials and words of wisdom; a great way to market your business or share your message with the world!
Bookmarks are particularly effective marketing tools for businesses or organizations with a literary interest, such as bookstores, libraries, and schools, but they can also help other businesses thrive. They're simple to use and reuse, to as many books as possible, meaning your company's information could be promoted for years. If you know your target audience loves learning, custom laminated bookmarks is a highly cost-effective choice to explore — you can keep a handful on your shop counter or give one out with every sale you make.

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