Custom Plastic Membership Cards

Not only do our plastic gift cards look great and come in a variety of paper stocks, but they are also durable and stay good as new for as long as you need them. Our customized gift cards offer you the opportunity to have your logo on the card, which advertises your company. If you are interested in investing in plastic gift cards, please let us know!

Starts from $ 559.00

Cheap Custom Bookmarks

These cheap custom bookmarks are an ideal handout or giveaway item because they are made from a heavy 14pt AQ or UV gloss cardstock. They can be printed with your logo or company name in full color, and are a great way to keep your name in front of customers.

Starts from $ 58.00

Custom Laminated Bookmarks

Make your next promotion an event to remember. 16pt Custom laminated bookmarks are perfect for any publication and can cross over into many hobbies. Not only is the bookmark ideal for magazines, but it can also be used in journals, textbooks, catalogs, calendars, cookbooks, and even brochures.

Starts from $ 121.00

Uncoated Bookmarks

Share with readers and have your personalized branded 14pt uncoated bookmarks seen consistently! These affordable bookmarks are uncoated so that the reader can write on them with no issues.

Starts from $ 76.00

Standard Brochures

Printed on quality paper and finished with eye-catching finishes, our folded brochures are a great way to reach customers.

They can be distributed at tradeshows, conventions, and other events; included with every purchase, or simply handed out at the end of an informative sales call. They're an effective way to highlight key details about your products and services.

Starts from $ 146.00

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are a great gift or merchandise item for customers to remind them of your business or message each month. Advertisements, images, or other helpful information engages customers as the year rolls on. They are a smart way to keep the focus on your message and build excitement about products or special events. When the customer turns the page over at the end of each month, they are greeted with something new.

Starts from $ 1,252.80
On Sale

Booklets 5.5 x 8.5

Catalogs and booklets showcase products and their benefits, which helps guide customers to what they would like to buy. They're a great way to show customers the full range of your products and services. A strong sales tool that many people look to for everything from clothing to electronics and services, catalogs and booklets bring the showroom to the customer.

Starts from $ 291.00
On Sale

Booklets 8.5 x 11

Booklets make it easy to organize your material on multiple pages, making them a professional and highly organized way to present retail catalogs, artist portfolios, training manuals, and much more. We offer multiple sizes and paper options to accommodate your booklet project.

Starts from $ 484.00

Short Run Booklets 5.5 x 8.5

If you want to make a lasting, positive impression, we've got the booklet printing for you. These short-run booklets are ideal for businesses on a budget who don't want to compromise on quality. Our booklets offer all the functionality of larger or more costly alternatives.

Starts from $ 84.00

Short Run Booklets 8.5 x 11

A booklet is an important printed piece as it contains a good deal of information that may be important or even vital. When it comes to placing bulk orders, short-run booklets are the best way to go. Starting at 8.5" by 11", and ranging in page count from 8 up to 32, our booklets are printed on quality materials. With affordable prices, they're perfect for businesses looking to provide appealing tools while on a tight budget.

Starts from $ 102.00

Counter Cards

Make your marketing message easy to read and hard to miss. A great way to promote yourself or your business, Counter Cards are a fantastic marketing tool that can be placed on any flat surface

Starts from $ 36.00

Event TIckets

Out-stub the competition with premium full-color event tickets! Available in a variety of popular sizes with optional Variable Numbering and Perforation, Event Tickets are printed using superior quality stocks and finishes for a professional touch. Numbered tickets are essential for any paid event, allowing you to ensure that all entrants are paid and accounted for. Great for things like fundraisers, raffles, charity galas, theater, and more.

Starts from $ 72.00

Door Hangers

Door hanger printing and distribution is a great way to get clients interested in your business. Use them as a pre-launch for a service or product with a catchy logo and intriguing slogan on one side, and a release date, contact info, and map on the other.

Starts from $ 135.00

Door Hanger with Rip Cards

Looking for a way to convert more customers to your business?  Then door hangers with rip cards are for you. Your business can offer great deals, coupons, or specials which you can track response rate. Customers can rip the card and submit the card or they can save your information for future use.

Starts from $ 221.00

Uncoated Door Hangers

Marketing delivered to your client's doors…literally! Order uncoated door hangers which are an excellent and affordable way of advertising. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, or a local business, get the attention of your target audience.

Starts from $ 280.00

100lb Gloss Text Flyers

There's something to be said for old-fashioned print media. With the right combination of text and graphics, a flyer can never be beaten as a great way to reach out directly to potential shoppers. Our flyers are able to stand out in a crowd thanks to premium full-color printing on gloss text stock, which looks amazing no matter how many people read it.

Starts from $ 81.20

100lb Matte Text Flyers

At 215 Prints, we understand how important it is for your company to promote your products or services, and events, which is why we aim to provide the best flyer printing for your needs.

Starts from $ 110.50

Black and White Flyers

Black and white flyer printing is now available at 215 Prints. This is your best option if you're looking for simple 1 color printing.

Starts from $ 80.00

UV Coated Flyers

There's something to be said for old-fashioned print media. With the right combination of text and graphics, a flyer can never be beaten as a great way to reach out directly to potential shoppers. Our flyers are able to stand out in a crowd thanks to premium full-color printing on gloss text stock, which looks amazing no matter how many people read it.

Starts from $ 118.15

Water Resistant Flyers

Flyers and brochures give you an opportunity to present your products or services at a fraction of the price of larger printed items. With such a diverse selection of sizes, and styles you can find the perfect flyer for any type of product or service.

Starts from $ 96.90

Pearl Greeting Cards

Pearl greeting cards stand out from other greeting cards because of the beautiful shimmer paper stock. They help any print provider take their custom greeting card printing selection to the next level.

Please note that we ship greeting cards flat (not folded).

Starts from $ 112.00

Short Run Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are large, folded notecards with an area for a personalized message on the interior. They are a popular way to celebrate holidays and special events. Usually, they are colorful and have images on the outside.

Please note that we ship greeting cards flat (not folded).

Starts from $ 95.00

Retail Hang Tags

Often used with clothing and in other retail settings, Hang Tags are a popular way to market a business or brand and call attention to product features. 

Starts from $ 49.00

Spot UV Hang Tags

Spot UV Hang Tags are different in that they help your brand image stand out.

Starts from $ 88.00

Velvet Hang Tags

Feel luxurious with velvet hang tag printing. Give your hang tags a luxuriously wonderful peach-fuzz texture with velvet hang tag printing. Hang tags are often taken for granted, seen hanging off packages and clothing in stores, but they’re incredible for your branding. 

Starts from $ 88.00

2022 Custom Calendar Magnets

Want your brand and contact info seen every day? Why not try our Custom Calendar Magnets! Mini Calendar Pads are a cost-effective way for businesses to maintain long-term visibility. Printed on high-quality magnet material, these calendars stay put on any metal surface - plus they're fun to look at!

Starts from $ 126.25

2022 Custom Mini Calendar Pads

Custom printed mini calendar pads are the perfect solution. These mini-calendars can be printed with your company logo and information, or you can simply use them as a promotional item. It is a cost-effective way of getting your business name in front of potential new customers on a regular basis.

Starts from $ 148.75

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator Magnet printing is a powerful way to put your brand, products, and services in front of targeted prospects day after day, year after year. Custom refrigerator magnets are a great way to market your business, product, or event such as a tradeshow because they can be strategically deployed on refrigerators.

Starts from $ 88.28

Save the Date Magnets

Wedding save-the-date magnets are the most popular use of this product, but they can also be used to boost any personal or company event. After the occasion has passed, they can also be used as a simple keepsake. Get started on save-the-date magnet printing today.

Starts from $ 76.70

Pocket Menus

Pock Menus are also known as Mini Menus. These menus are printed on our coated and uncoated book stock. They are usually folded for convenience to place into someone's pocket.

Starts from $ 338.00

Take Out Menus

Distributing take out menus is effectively what your restaurant business has to offer.  Create appealing looking food menus to showcase your products and services and to increase brand awareness.

Starts from $ 298.00

Shelf Talkers

Don't let your products fly under the radar. With our Shelf Talkers, your products will jump off the shelves with attention-grabbing, professional graphics. We offer a variety of different shapes to suit any type of product, like our banner displays. It's never been easier to make your store look great!

Starts from $ 166.50

Sell Sheets

We provide high-quality sell sheet printing in order for you to create impressive marketing materials.


Spot UV Table Tents

Get a table-side conversation going! Make your Spot UV Table Tents POP to grab your customers’ attention. These lightweight, easy-to-assemble, reusable table covers are made to impress. Use them to advertise specials, holiday events, or as direct mailers.

Starts from $ 693.00

Table Tent Cards

Promote any product, business, or service to your well-informed guests with Table Tents. Made from heavy-duty card stock, these table tents are a versatile addition to any restaurant or venue.

Starts from $ 67.00

Uncoated Table Tent Cards

Restaurants use Table Tents for daily specials, new deals, and events, to promote same-store sales, increase average check size, sell gift cards and encourage social media usage.

Starts from $ 189.00

Silk Postcards

Silk Postcards are one of the most popular marketing tools. Whether mailed or left on display, the broad range of size choices caters to many marketing messages. Postcards are available in various sizes to fit your budget, convey your message, and command attention.

Starts from $ 173.00

Spot UV Postcard

Whether you already have a mailing list in place or not, you can’t beat the cost of direct mail to reach your target audience. Spot UV postcards are highly customizable – perfect for every business looking to create its own look. Let your advertising cut through the clutter and connect with customers.

Starts from $ 117.00

Standard Postcards

Standard Postcardsare perfect for high-impact promotions. Advertise sales, create coupons, send appointment reminders you can do it all with postcards. Postcards can also be a great product for people to buy as souvenirs or to mail.

Starts from $ 39.00

Large Bulk Posters

Our large bulk posters stand out with our state-of-the-art printing presses and thick quality. Offered on our 100 lb gloss text paper. Your message will be vibrant and attention-getting.

Starts from $ 550.00

Large Photo Posters

Our large photo posters are perfect for promoting smaller events or businesses, with orders as small as 25 posters, and as many as 250. With printing turnaround as fast as 2 - 4 business days, we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Starts from $ 14.50

4 x 9 Rack Cards

Provide customers and clients with a colorful reminder of your business using custom-printed rack cards. Print your own designs to create a piece that speaks to your clientele and an easy way to convey your contact information.

Starts from $ 40.70

Rack Card Silk Laminated

Commonly used by companies promoting services at hotels, tourism boards, or other areas with a high volume of foot traffic, Rack Cards get a simple message across fast and are a good way to make people aware of your services.

Starts from $ 256.00

1 and 2 Color Letterhead

Custom 1 and 2 Color Letterhead printing done in your choice of Black ink, 1 Pantone & 2 Pantone Colors is now available at 215 Prints. Pantone colors are used to make sure that all your corporate brand colors are aligned.

Starts from $ 201.63

6 x 9 Mini Folders

Presentation Folders are a tool designed to package and organize several other pieces of printing. In addition to the standard folder design, Presentation Folders have 1 or 2 pockets on the inside to hold your materials. They also offer convenient corner slots on the interior pockets to make it easy to include a business card.

Starts from $ 562.00

9 x 12 Presentation Folder

Presentation Folders work for a wide range of uses from seminars to sales kits. Don't plan a meeting or give someone several pieces of printing without Presentation Folders.

Starts from $ 797.00

Full Color Notepads

Notepads are a popular way to keep your company identity in front of customers. They are also a great tool for keeping your message in front of an audience. Consider Notepads at your next seminar, conference, or any place your audience needs to take notes.

Starts from $ 331.24


Letterhead creates a strong impression in business correspondence, whether for formal letters outside the company or internal memos. It's a way to tie your messages to you and your company, which shows attention to detail and maintains your brand identity.

Starts from $ 115.00

Short Run Digital Presentation Folder

Digital Printed 9x 12 Presentation Folders are assembled without glue. Additionally, they also offer lower run sizes, faster turnaround, and are printed on high-tech digital equipment. It is the perfect solution for your most critical marketing materials. Short Run delivers a high-end look at a low-cost price point. Maximize your image production investment.

Starts from $ 132.00

Standard Envelopes

Envelopes can send a variety of materials. We can print any image or text anywhere on the Envelope, so long as there is room for addressing and postage.

Starts from $ 139.84