White Window Clings are 7mil thick with a paper backer that will be peeled off before application. The window cling material will only cling to the back side of the print.

Our window Cling white adheres to any smooth, clean surface. Printed on high-quality gloss material and laminated with a UV protective coating, they're ideal for POP signage on glass or other smooth, clean surfaces.

Each is designed to order - we work with you to create the ideal message for your audience.

Key Features:

  • Crisp, vibrant white background for standout graphics
  • Requires no adhesive
  • Applies quickly to glass, with easy removal without leaving residue
  • Customizable to suit your brand's unique messaging
  • Durable material for long-lasting use

Window Clings are printed at near photo quality on glossy material suitable for indoor use. Ideal for POP signage on glass or other clean, very smooth polished surfaces.

Large Window Clings should be applied on a surface that is as close to room temperature as possible. Excessive heat or cold will not allow the product to cling to the surface.

The product is shipped rolled for most sizes unless ordering larger quantities.

Bleed: ensure you have .25" on all sides of your artwork, do not add crops.

Learn How To Install Window Clings


5 Practical Applications of White Window Clings for Your Business Success

  1. Promotional Campaigns: Use window clings to display limited-time promotions, discounts, or special offers. Whether it's a seasonal sale or a new product launch, the vibrant visuals on your storefront will attract attention and drive foot traffic.
  2. Branding and Logo Display: Reinforce your brand identity by showcasing your logo, tagline, or mission statement on windows. The White Window Cling provides a clean and professional backdrop, making your brand easily recognizable to passersby.
  3. Business Hours and Information: Ensure that potential customers are always in the know by displaying your business hours, contact information, and any essential details directly on your storefront. The simplicity of a window clings for business makes this information easily visible without clutter.
  4. Event Announcements: Whether it's an upcoming event, workshop, or celebration, use window clings to create anticipation and excitement. Customize the white static cling to feature event details, dates, and any relevant imagery to draw attention.
  5. Seasonal Decor: Embrace the spirit of different seasons or holidays by decorating your windows with themed clings. This not only adds a festive touch to your storefront but also creates a sense of connection with customers during special times of the year.

Transform your storefront into a powerful marketing canvas! Order now and watch your business shine.

1. What material is White Window Cling made of?

Our White Window Clings are made of 7mil thick clear glossy material with a paper backer that will be peeled off before application.

They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for POP signage on glass or other very smooth, clean surfaces. Excessive heat or cold will not allow the product to cling to the surface.

2. Are Window Clings reusable?

As long as the cling remains clean it can be reused several times. We recommend that you keep the backing to protect the cling if you plan to reuse it.

3. How do I install a White Window Cling?

Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the window or application surface. Use a spray bottle filled with soapy water to spray to completely cover the application area. We recommend 1% soap and 99% water.

Carefully peel away the backing and avoid letting the cling fold over on itself. Place the side that had the backing against the surface and apply the cling to the window.

Use a squeegee or credit card to squeeze out access water pressing from the center outwards. You can spray more soapy water on the back of the graphic to lubricate the surface as you are eliminating air bubbles.

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