Double sided window decals are an excellent way to convert your windows into ad space. Install them as short term advertising. Printed with four color processed UV inks on an 8mil opaque vinyl, a one mil clear adhesive film is applied for mounting. Double sided window stickers offer an excellent block out of the reverse graphics, allowing two different images to print back-to-back on a single sheet.

The removable double sided window decal adhesive from a standard window glass is up to 6 months and one year if left in the same location, both based on normal exposure conditions.

Thickness: 8mil

Bleed: Ensure you have .5" on all sides of your artwork. Do not add crop marks.

Learn How to Install Wall & Window Graphic Displays

1. Are the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics see-through?
No. The 8mil Opaque Window Graphics are opaque, offering excellent blackout coverage.
2. How do I know which side will have the Adhesive?
The adhesive is always applied to the back of the print. The adhesive will be applied to the file labelled back for double-sided prints. This will allow you to attach to your window from the inside to be viewed from the outside.
3. What is the thickness of the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics?
The print material is 8mil, and a 1mil adhesive film is applied for mounting. The overall thickness is 9mil.
4. Can I have two different images printed?
Yes, two different images can be printed back-to-back. Be sure to select the double-sided option for back-to-back prints.
5. How long do the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics last?
The removable adhesive from a standard window glass is up to 6 months, 1 year if left in the same location, both based under normal exposure conditions.
6. How do you install the double sided window decals?
These instructions will assist you in comfortably installing your double sided window decal. We recommend having at least one other person assist you when installing a large window decal that you can not handle on your own.

 1. Whenever you proceed to install your decal, we recommend that you have the following supplies readily available.

  • Spray bottle of decal application solution - 3 drops of dish soap to 1 gallon water in a spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Squeegee and vinyl decal installation tool kit

2. Start by cleaning the window where you intend to place your decal. After cleaning, use a window squeegee to remove any excess water from the window or allow it to dry completely.

3. Create a decal application solution By combining three drops of dish soap with one gallon of water in a spray bottle.

4. Place your window decal on a flat, smooth surface and start peeling away the black liner. Because of its thinness, the backing can be difficult to remove. The backing is frosted and semi-transparent. If you're having trouble removing the backing, apply a piece of tape to the corner of the backing to make it easier to peel away.

5. While removing the backing, apply a generous amount of the application solution created in step 3 to the back of the decal. Spray some application solution onto the surface (window, refrigerator) where you intend to apply your decal. Check that the back of the decal and the intended surface are both sufficiently wet.

6. Apply your custom window decal to the desired surface. Once your decal is attached to the window, the application solution allows you to move it. You could take advantage of this by sliding the decal into its final position.

7. When the decal has reached its final position. Place the decal's removed backing on the face of your decal, which is already installed on your intended surface. Run the application squeegee over the decal to remove any and all bubbles. Begin from the center and work your way out (press firmly when applying the squeegee). Continue until you've gone over the entire surface with the squeegee.

8. Clean the glass surface with paper towels and remove excess water from the decal's edges. (It may take several days for the adhesive to fully dry and adhere to the glass surface.)

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