Crack & Peel Paper Stickers are an easy way to add a unique design to help establish your brand and clearly state what a product is. These shapes make it a fun and unique way of establishing your brand. They are also a helpful organizational and advertising tool. Use our Crack & Peel Paper Stickers to tell your customers what a product is, how to use it, or why they want it.


Matte Vinyl Stickers

Looking for a cool way to get your brand noticed? Make it stick with matte vinyl stickers. This ensures that you will be the center of attention wherever your target market goes.


Shaped Sticker

A shaped sticker is a simple, fun, and easy way to market your product, from food and drinks to boxes around the office. It is also a helpful tool for organizing and design. For a great way to craft promotional material, look no further than our online printing service.


UV Stickers

215 Prints is the expert you needed in UV printing. This is a great marketing tool that helps you promote your brand or company name in the most effective way. As stickers are affordable—with their small size and low-cost printing—you can promote your brand for little to no cost.

Starts from $ 60.00