In today's Real Estate market visibility is everything. These Black Steel A-Frame signs are an amazing and inexpensive solution to grab attention. The frame is sized to hold a 24" x 18" double-sided coroplast print. It also includes a rider clamp for additional signage.

Optional Extras:
24" x 6" Double-Sided Coroplast Rider Sign
Red Open House Pennant Flag and Pole (Single-Sided)

Additional information:
Hanging Signs and Rider Signs are Double-Sided, the front and back of each sign can be different artwork.
Hardware includes Steel A-Frame and Zip Ties

Real State Sign Setup

1. What are A-Frame Signs?
A-Frame Signs are stands that are shaped like the letter "A." They can be used indoors and outdoors. A-Frames comes with a 24" X 18" double-sided 4mm White Coroplast Sign. A 24" X 6" double-sided 4mm White Coroplast Rider Sign can be purchased separately in the Signs category and can be installed at the top of the A-Frame.
2. What is the file requirement for A-Frame Signs?
We ask that no bleed or crop marks be added. Create your file in the size ordered or proportional 24" X 18" for the primary sign. The file can be 200 dpi at full scale.
3. How are A-Frame Signs shipped?
A-Frame Signs are shipped in a single box along with the 24" X 18" double-sided 4mm White Coroplast and 2 clips.
4. What is the weight and dimension of the A-Frames?
The dimensions of an A-Frame are 33" H X 29" W X 2" D. The weight of a single Frame (including the 24" X 18" sign) is 12lbs.
5. What color is an A-Frame Stand?
A-Frames are black colored.

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