What is EDDM?
EDDM stands for “Every Door Direct Mail.” Designed to help businesses deploy promotions and advertisements to a targeted area, this U.S. Postal Service program allows the customer to have their mailer hand-delivered to every mailbox along chosen routes.

We offer two EDDM Solutions: Print Only and Full Service
  • Print Only: with our Print Only EDDM solution, you decide how you’d like your orders processed and we’ll determine which sizes and products will work. To process an EDDM order on your own, visit https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm.
  • Full Service: our Full-Service EDDM solution takes the guesswork out of the EDDM process. Select a product, Send your routes, then upload artwork. We’ll take care of the paperwork and delivery.

Let EDDM work for you so you can always stay two steps ahead of the competition. Start adding content to your campaign today!

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EDDM Full Service Direct Mail Marketing Solution

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