Banner message old, design is dated, or is your banner worn or torn? We provided all the replacement options and some if you'll need to replace the banner for any banner stand model. We also provide custom replacement banners for most banner stand models we don't carry but be sure to order the correct size and style based on your current model
Grommets are available.

10 mil premium vinyl: minimum size: 12" x 12" maximum size: 120" x 59" (10 feet by 4.9 feet)

1. What type of files do I submit?
File format: PDF
2. How should my artwork be set up?
Please convert all PMS & Spot Color to CMYK format. Please outline all fonts and embed all images.
3. Are the banners printed on the same sheet?
No, 2 single-sided banners are printed and then applied to the aluminum base.
4. Once retracted how do I store it?
Retractable banners come with a padded black bag for safe storage.
5. What material are the banners printed on?
Banners are printed on 10 mil vinyl for flexibility and durability.
6. What resolution do I use to have the best clarity?
Resolution is to be 150 dpi to 300 dpi in actual size, anything else would result in blurriness or pixelation.
7. What type of finish does the Banner have?
The banner has a smooth matte finish which offers high print quality and versatility.
8. Can I use it outdoors?
No. Double-sided retractable stands are suitable for indoor use only.
9. What is the turnaround time for the retractable banner?
Banners are generally produced with a 1 - 2 business days turnaround.

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