If you’re in business, sales sheets are a must. These short-term sales aids offer crucial details about your product or service in an easy-to-read format. Keep some in your car and hand them out when you get to a customer prospect.
Selling a product or service is one thing. Selling yourself is another. It’s far easier to convince someone to work with you if you know what you want, how to make it happen and why your potential customer should care. In other words, sell sheets help people connect with your mission.

How to create an effective sales sheet design?

Most businesses focus heavily on graphics and design. While that’s important, you should also consider placing a great deal of emphasis on your product or service in addition to its pricing, terms and conditions, and contact information.
You want as much info as possible jammed into a small space. Your goal is to get people interested enough to contact you for more details.

What paper stock do we use for Next Day Sales Sheets Printing?

Our custom sales sheets are made on a standard 16PT cardstock.
16pt cardstock has the smooth, satin finish that gives your project that professional feel.
Simple but classy, a 16pt cardstock sell sheet is a good tool to hand out to your audience at trade shows and expos. Though people may be looking at lots of items, your sell sheet can get them to remember you more than they would if they were simply passing by
16pt cardstock is what you need to have beautiful stationery, invitations, or any other project that requires hard paper done right.

What are the standard sell sheet sizes you offer next day?

We currently offer the standard 8.5 x 11 sell sheet option.
Potential customers don’t have time to read lengthy reports, but a sell sheet this size is small enough that they can glance at as much relevant information you can provide and feel interested.

What does having a 16pt UV Coated sales slick mean?

16pt High Gloss UV Coating is a heavyweight gloss coated cardstock with UV Coating for added protection.
This keeps your sales slicks looking great longer, but it also gives them some extra heft. Even if you don’t think you need extra strength, UV-coated sheets look more professional than their inkjet counterparts.
This is applied over the front or both sides of the printed piece. It is not recommended for printed material you need to write on.

How to get custom sales sheets the next day?

In order for you to get our Next Day Sell Sheets Printing, you have to place your order TODAY before 12PM EST., which means you will have them tomorrow, excluding weekend deliveries. Friday orders will arrive on Monday.

What happens if I order after 12PM EST.?

Your order will start the next day and ship the following day, excluding weekend deliveries. Friday orders will arrive on Tuesday.
If you are not sure when to expect your order, please call us at 267-300-0003 for clarity.
Get your next day delivery sell sheets today so your printed marketing materials can reach your customers in a timely manner. 

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