A full-color hang tag can enhance the awareness of your product and brand at the point-of-purchase. Hang tags are ideal for appealing customers to your clothing line or other retail products. Display your product and logo on the front of your hang tag and highlight your features and benefits on the back. It’s like hanging a personal business card or tiny brochure, retail packaging hang tags tell a lot about your brand and product. if you're a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, those little tags can close the sale for you. As eye-catching packaging, they're perfect to tie alongside your price tags.

Hang Tag Parking Permits

Hang Tag Parking Permits

Enhance parking security with our durable Hang Tag Parking Permits! Made of tough plastic, these permits hang on rearview mirrors, preventing theft while being easily visible for enforcement. Customize with foil stamping, reflective laminate, numbering, or barcoding for added security. Choose from various styles to meet your needs. Order now and ensure controlled parking management!

Starts from $ 210.00

Retail Hang Tags

Often used with clothing and in other retail settings, Hang Tags are a popular way to market a business or brand and call attention to product features. 

Starts from $ 49.00

Spot UV Hang Tags

Spot UV Hang Tags are different in that they help your brand image stand out.

Starts from $ 88.00

Velvet Hang Tags

Feel luxurious with velvet hang tag printing. Give your hang tags a luxuriously wonderful peach-fuzz texture with velvet hang tag printing. Hang tags are often taken for granted, seen hanging off packages and clothing in stores, but they’re incredible for your branding. 

Starts from $ 88.00