Rebuild your marketing strategy with Custom Magnets. Turn your truck into moving billboards through car magnets. Roll around town and have everyone take notice. Extend your promotions at home with refrigerator magnets. This way, your business information is always on display. This makes them ideal for restaurants, plumbing services, gardening businesses, and more. Once they’re put on the fridge, it’s unlikely they’ll be taken off, making them a worthy investment.

Print out save the date magnets as you would invitation cards for weddings, birthdays, business events, and other special occasions.

Business card magnets are great for any professional who wishes to have their information always within reach. Unlike regular business cards, these are always on display whether in lockers or any metallic surface in office cubicles.


2022 Custom Calendar Magnets

Want your brand and contact info seen every day? Why not try our Custom Calendar Magnets! Mini Calendar Pads are a cost-effective way for businesses to maintain long-term visibility. Printed on high-quality magnet material, these calendars stay put on any metal surface - plus they're fun to look at!

Starts from $ 126.25

2023 Custom Mini Calendar Pads

Custom printed mini calendar pads are the perfect solution. These mini-calendars can be printed with your company logo and information, or you can simply use them as a promotional item. It is a cost-effective way of getting your business name in front of potential new customers on a regular basis.

Starts from $ 148.75

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator Magnet printing is a powerful way to put your brand, products, and services in front of targeted prospects day after day, year after year. Custom refrigerator magnets are a great way to market your business, product, or event such as a tradeshow because they can be strategically deployed on refrigerators.

Starts from $ 88.28

Save the Date Magnets

Wedding save-the-date magnets are the most popular use of this product, but they can also be used to boost any personal or company event. After the occasion has passed, they can also be used as a simple keepsake. Get started on save-the-date magnet printing today.

Starts from $ 76.70